A balancing egg shows how relationships should be

Ideas aimed at helping you take a step back and think about your relationship.
Advice about relationships, marriage, sustaining closeness, love and romance.
Help with hurts, arguments, intimacy and respect.


Could yours be better?

Different and Together

How does it work?

Relationship challenges

Children? Jobs? Affairs? Etc.

Extrovert and Introvert

Manage differences and stay sane


Do you want fewer hurts?

Make it better

Need some ideas?

Me and Relationships

Can you look at yourself?

Feelings in Relationships

Connect and understand


What does it mean to you now?

Managing change

Can you adjust and survive together?

Big Decisions

Which way should we turn?

Sex in Relationships

Is it working for you?

About me

The author is a couple’s counsellor who wants to pass on, for free, knowledge gained in a long career. This site is based on some core influences: Imago Couples Therapy and the wonderful “Getting the Love You Want” by Harville Hendrix, Person Centred Therapy by Carl Rogers, Existential/Phenomenological philosophy and Transactional Analysis. The aim of the site is to simplify these ideas so that they are practical and accessible to all.

Many thanks to Pixabay for most of the images.

See Love in Today’s World for more about this site’s aims.

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